The most important philosophy of our group is to recycle. In recent years, the concept of waste has been replaced by the concept of recycling. In the past years it was very important to match the waste water to the discharge parameters. But today, reuse of waste water is the main purpose. Increase in human population in the world and the development of the industry brings the waste problem to the forefront. Our group’s primary goal is to develop existing technologies and discover new technologies to recover waste. In fact, the concepts of waste and energy are on the side. In the process of converting crude oil into the final product starting from the extraction of the earth, serious amounts of clean water are converted into waste water. Almost, the clean water is polluted much more than the amount of processed oil. For that reason to recycle the waste water of petroleum industry is our biggest debt to humanity. We use all our knowledge and experience to fulfill this debt. As a result we make both wastewater reusable and recover oil. Achieving this is a great pleasure for all members of our group. Thus, we both protect our water resources and clean up the oil contaminated water before our technology discovery. We work for the living of all living things that God has given us for our protection. We use our knowledge and technology for the future of our world.


  • Ozone Nano-bubble Disinfection systems
  • Oxygen Nano-Bubble systems
  • Membrane separation systems
  • MBR waste water treatment systems
  • MBBR waste water treatment systems
  • Sludge drying systems
  • Mobile wastewater treatment systems