Our group’s basic service philosophy is to work for the life. Every living creature is important to us just like a human being. For this reason, health is one of our core business activities. Our group’s main priority is to prevent people from getting sick. A healthy air, healthy water, a natural habitat and healthy food are what our technology can do. However, stress, genetic factors, infectious diseases and the like are factors that can not be controlled. It is also one of our group’s priorities to create an environment for people who are sick due to these factors to find urgent healing. Mainly full-fledged hospitals, polyclinics, health centers, dialysis centers, drug factories, vaccine and serum production facilities are the sectors we serve turnkey. The requests for these services are mostly from Africa and the Middle East countries. Apart from these, the facilities for health tourism in warm climatic regions of Turkey are among our priorities.


  • Full-fledged hospitals
  • Polyclinics
  • Hemodialysis centers
  • Health centers
  • Pharmaceutical factories
  • Vaccine and Serum Production Facilities
  • Veterinary medicine factories
  • Medical gas production facilities
  • Nuclear medicine diagnostic centers