Energy is the most important need for humanity. There are many sources of energy in our world. But the most important energy source is the sun. In fact, the reason for the existence of all energies is the sun. All energy sources are important for our group. We have Research & Development activities for all energy sources. The most easily available energy type for humanity is Electricity. For this reason, it is the main purpose to obtain electric energy by using all energy sources. Especially in the 20th century, the most commonly used methods to obtain electricity are hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants and cogeneration systems. However, the use of renewable energy sources in the 21st century is at the forefront. The first of these is the efficient use of solar energy and wind energy to convert to electricity. Also as it is known that the storage of electricity is not possible at this time. However, one of the main objectives of our group is the storage of electricity. For that reason, our Research & Development group is working hardly to electrochemically store electrical energy. Magnesium ion and electrolysis cells are the main subjects of these studies. The basic philosophy of our group that the uncontrolled power is not power. For that reason, we do not believe that nuclear enegy can be completely controlled. So we are against the nuclear power plants as a group. Because we must keep our world away from all kinds of danger.


  • Solar power plants
  • Wind energy plants
  • Co-generation systems
  • Hydrogen production systems by electrolysis
  • Magnesium-ion electrical storage systems