Chemicals are indispensable elements of industrial life. According to the hazard classes, they are separated into three groups. These are called as dangerous, less dangerous and non-hazardous chemicals. Our group produces chemicals that are generally safe and environmentally friendly. Only one of our products enters dangerous class. This product is the world’s most powerful disinfectant and is the product of Ozone construction. Although ozone is the most powerful disinfectant known in the world, it is quite unstable in its pure state. Ozone is placed in ultra-small polymeric capsules in our Research and Development work, which our group has done for more than 30 years. Already strong ozone has been turned into a super powerful disinfectant with the help of nano-silver catalysts. With this method, ozone gains a strong resistance. Thus, under the name of EUSILAGE, our product containing catalytic ozone has been used as a broad spectrum disinfectant longer than the last 10 years. Apart from this, all of the products we produce are chemically safe and organic. The chemical variety produced by our group is more than 300 and new ones are added every day.


  • EUSILAGE ( Ozone based disinfectants )
  • EUSILAGE ( Other disinfectants )
  • ROXIN ( Coagulants )
  • ROXIN ( Membrane antiscalants )
  • ROXINOL ( Flocculants & polyelectrolytes )
  • REGENAX ( Special regenerants )
  • ROXAMIN ( Steam boiler chemicals )
  • COOLEX ( Cooling Tower chemicals )
  • ABSORBEX ( Catalytic absorption chemicals )
  • BIOSOLIN ( Biosurfactants & detergents )
  • Other Specialty chemicals