The main purpose of the companies that make up our group is to serve humanity. The fields in which we operate cover 8 main topics. These are Water technology, Swimming pools, Recycling technologies, Energy technologies, Food Technologies, Health facilities, Chemical production facilities and Petroleum Technologies respectively. In every area we operate, our basic philosophy is to develop existing technologies and to discover new technologies. We use the technologies we have developed as well as the technologies we discover together and in a way that will create synergy. All the projects we design are sensitive to the environment. All creatures (people and animals) created by God are very important to us. For this reason, we show extreme sensitivity to environmental disasters. To live in a healthy and natural environment for both people and animals is the greatest right. Every facility we design, project, build, install and every chemical we produce are respectful to the surroundings. Our contribution to the environment is always positive. We make sure that the chemical consumption of the systems we build is as low as possible.